Scientific Big Data Analytics (SBDA) has become a major instrument of modern research for tackling scientific problems of highest data and computational complexity. SBDA deals with data retrieval, assimilation, integration, processing and federation on a hitherto unprecedented scale, made possible through leading edge high performance computing and data management technologies.
The “Helmholtz Analytics Framework” will boost the development of the Helmholtz Data Federation (HDF), recently started by six Helmholtz Centres. The HDF is designed to be the hardware and support backbone for the entire Helmholtz Association. It will serve the dramatically increasing demands of science and engineering for transforming data into knowledge.
In order to enhance the ecosystem, systematic development of domain specific data analytics techniques will be carried out as a co-design activity between domain and infrastructure scientists. This happens within a set of highly demanding use cases spanning six Helmholtz Centres and five research fields with breakthrough potential from important scientific domains like earth system modeling, structural biology, aeronautics and aerospace research, medical imaging, and neuroscience. Exchange of techniques between the use cases will lead to generalizations and standardizations to be made available to other fields and users. Thus, we start an exciting culture for future systematic developments of the
Helmholtz Analytics Framework on top of the HDF.

Partner at DESY
Prof. Dr. Volker Gülzow
Notkestr. 85
22607 Hamburg
Office: 2 B/321
Phone: +49 40 8998-1771
Email: volker.guelzow@desy.de

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